Body and psycho-somatics in Winnicott -

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What readers have in hand is a veritable treasure for Winnicottian studies and for the study of psycho-somatics. Vera went to great lengths to bring to light and to weave in, almost as if it was an embroidery, countless excerpts from Winnicott, unearthed at times from small and almost imperceptible passages of his clinical cases, to illustrate maturational achievements in health, or maturational failures in the case of disorders in general, with steadfast emphasis on the psycho-somatic aspect of the phenomena and the aftermaths we deal with in our clinical practice. She heedfully chooses and plunges into topics and themes that seem essential to her. It is somewhat akin to taking readers by the hand and walking with them along the Winnicottian trails, showing them the fleeting details that make all the difference and cannot always be discerned by unsuspecting eyes or by those unfamiliar with the landscape of the new paradigm of human nature that Winnicott offers us. By Elsa Oliveira Dias. Laurentiis wishes to dialogue with all professionals engaged with the body and the psyche. Written in a clear, generous and non-specialist language, this book does not shy away from a rigorous treatment of clinical concepts and procedures. Grounded on numerous examples, you will find the author’s fertile theoretical contributions to, and innovations in, therapeutic practice. This book contains precious material for both psychoanalysts interested in psycho-somatics and matters of the body, and healthcare professionals, educators, artists and thinkers sensitive to a fundamental problem of contemporary culture. By Cassiano Sydow Quilici.


  • Editora:  DWWeditorial
  • Autores:  Autora: Vera Regina Ferraz de Laurentiis | Tradutor: Carlos Malferrari
  • ISBN:  9786589114031
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  • Edição:  1ª ed.
  • Formato:  14.00 x 21.00 cm
  • Páginas:  477

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R$ 199,90
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Comprar Disponibilidade: Imediata Estoque: 248 unidades
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